Activities in the area

Things to do in our resort 


Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is the fastest growing sport in the world for good reason. It’s loads of fun, a great workout, and most importantly, anyone can do it because it’s easy to learn. If you have not tried it yet, why not have a go here in “Dabintos Slėnis” – completely free of charge!

Row Boat

Great for peace and romance seekers. Not only can it be a good exercise but also a great way to get closer to nature and explore the lake. Don’t forget to ask for a fishing pole if you feel lucky – you might catch your dinner!.


Enjoy the good weather and warm sunrays with your friends and family on top of our raft which you can take to explore “Dabinčius“ lake.

Beach Volleyball

We have a great beach volleyball court with sand surface. It’s a great fun – doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a novice, everyone gets competitive here.


Our guests can try their luck not only in “Dabinčius” lake, but also in two man-made lakes nearby that we manage. We constantly monitor these to ensure that there is plenty of fish to catch. Naturally, we can provide all the equipment necessary.


Traditional Lithuanian Sauna is great any time of the year. Cleanse your body and soul here and feel rejuvenated for days.

Hot tub

The benefit of water therapy has been known to mankind for thousands of years, get in our outside hot tub and relax. It is even more special during the cold season.


Our set of cottages are situated right next to ancient oak forest where you can have a relaxing walk on your own, or we can show you around, tell you more about Lithuanian nature. You can even find marsh and dried river bed here.

Foraging for berries and mushrooms

Forest situated right next to our set of cottages is full of wild mushrooms and berries. CAUTION: consult with us regarding the mushrooms you pick – not all are edible and some even poisonous.

Tennis (700 m)

We have a fully equipped modern tennis court. Do not miss the opportunity!

Forest cycling

Explore the the forest with family on a bike. Bike rent is available. 

Activities outside the area

Things to do nearby

Hunting (1 km)

Nearby there are commercial hunting grounds. Hunting enthusiasts will feel right at home, however begginers can participate as well. 

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Golf (17 km)

 Great thing about Lithuania is that everything is nearby, you can have a great day golfing in one of the best golf courses in the Baltic states and come back to us for a relaxing sauna and night stay. 

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Wind surfing 

(15 km)

Is wind surfing something you are passionate about? Or perhaps you always wanted but never had a chance to try? In any case, Elektrėnai Wind Surfing Academy is at your service, just a short drive away from our property. 

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Kitesurfing (15 km)

You can reach a great kitesurfing location in 10 minutes by car.

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Water scooters (15 km)

 It is a great treat for the thrill seekers – get your adrenalin levels up and rent a powerfull, high speed water scooter. 

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Kayaking (12 km)

Kayaking is the best way to explore beautiful Lithuanian rivers, it can be a great excercise as well. Try kayaking in „Verknė“ river.

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Kart racing (10 km)

Great fun for everybody, compete with your friends or family.

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Entertainment parks (12-20 km)

 You can find many interesting activities in one of these entertainment parks.

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Swimming with a boat in Galvės lake (Trakai) (20km)

Feel the beauty of authentic Trakai castle.

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Trakai (20 km)

Trakai is one of the must-see places in Lithuania, it features a medieval castle, situated on a set of lakes and rivers. This is where Lithuanian history meets nature and it can provide a facinating full day of activities and exploration. Make sure you do not miss the opportunity to visit Trakai.

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Horseback riding (20 km)

Do not miss the chance to explore the countryside riding a horse. They are truly amazing animals and can provide an unforgettable experience.

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Aukštadvaris regional park (12km)

Go trekking or rent a bicycle to explore beautiful regional park of Aukštadvaris.

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